I’ve heard the Internal Applicator Attachment is patented and exclusive to Delko® Tools and their distributors – is that true?

Yes! The Delko® Internal Applicator Attachment holds the following patents (IP):
U.S. Patent No. 8,955,573
Canadian Patent No. 2792006
NZ Patent No. 600968
AU Patent No. 2011213482
Patent Pending – Europe

The Delko® Holster also holds the following IP:
Patent No. D841321
The Delko® Holster is a registered design: Registration reference 201812948 & 005287034-0001

We take imitation products very seriously here. They will not perform like a Delko® Tools product and may infringe on our IP. If you believe you’ve seen a non-genuine Internal Applicator Attachment – please let us know by using the contact form or emailing us on info@delkotools.com.au.