MixM8 is a mixing paddle that fits to most drills via a 10mm hex fitting or M14 thread.

It’s unique design allows for ‘edge-to-edge mixing’, virtually eliminating the need to stop, stir and scrape down the sides of buckets. The highly flexible and durable non-porous plastic mixing paddle makes bucket gouging a thing of the past while minimising foam, bubbles and air entrapment – common with other mixers.

Delko MixM8. Makes Mixing Easy.

Product Features

  • Available with a 10mm Hex Thread or an M14 Thread
  • Compatible with corded and cordless (18v) model drills.
  • Rubber blade eliminates bucket gouging.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Reduces mixing time.
  • Extremely durable for a long working life.

Additional Information

Drill Attachment

10mm Hex Thread, M14 Thread

Patent & Design Information

Patent No. 3183053, 10213754

DELKO is a registered trademark of DELKO® Tools


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