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Where can I purchase spare parts for my Delko Taping Tool?
You’ve come to the right place! You can purchase spare parts for your Delko Tools Taper or Delko Tools ZÜNDER® right here on our website.

Simply click on the “SHOP” option in our main menu or click here to view the range.

I can't add the Delko® Taper, ZÜNDER® or Delko® Holster to my cart - why?
Sorry, Delko Tools Online does not sell the Delko® Taper, ZÜNDER® or Delko® Holster online.

Don’t worry though! You can pick these great Delko® products up through one of our distributors or their retail network.

You can purchase a range of spare parts for our tools and a great selection of Delko® merchandise through our online store.

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship a range of spare parts and merchandise to: Australia, Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Poland and Spain.

Don’t see your country listed? Find a supplier within our retail network.

I'm ready to pay for my order, what payment methods are available to me?
Delko Tools Online accepts Credit Card and PayPal payment methods. Credit Card payments are handled through the secure PayPal interface – please check the Credit Card / PayPal option for this payment method and then follow the prompts.
Where is my order?
Please allow 5 business days from payment for your order to be dispatched.

Customer will be notified of shipping via email, as well as a note on the order. This communication will contain the name of the shipping service as well as a tracking number.

Goods will be dispatched via Australia Post, delivery times may vary depending on your country of residence and customs backlogs.

Login to your account at anytime to check your real time order status and find any notes relevant to your order.

Read Delko’s Pricing, Shipping and Returns information here.

I've changed my mind - can I return my goods for a refund?
Delko Tools may accept the return of merchandise offering an exchange or credit. Please notify Delko Tools of your intention to return within 14 days of receiving your package. Goods are to be returned to Delko Tools unused and undamaged at the expense of the purchaser. Additional freight charges will apply for a change of mind exchange.

To arrange return, please use our contact form or email info@delkotools.com.au.

My package is damaged, what should I do?
Delko Tools warrants our products will be free from any defect in materials or workmanship upon purchase.

Please use the contact form or email info@delkotools.com.au so we can arrange replacement or refund.

I'm having another issue with your online store / my package - what do I do?
Contact us as soon as possible using our contact form or email info@delkotools.com.au.


I've heard the Internal Applicator Attachment is patented and exclusive to Delko® Tools and their distributors - is that true?
Yes! The Delko® Internal Applicator Attachment holds the following patents (IP):
U.S. Patent No. 8,955,573
Canadian Patent No. 2792006
NZ Patent No. 600968
AU Patent No. 2011213482
Patent Pending – Europe

The Delko® Holster also holds the following IP:
Patent No. D841321
The Delko® Holster is a registered design: Registration reference 201812948 & 005287034-0001

We take imitation products very seriously here. They will not perform like a Delko® Tools product and may infringe on our IP. If you believe you’ve seen a non-genuine Internal Applicator Attachment – please let us know by using the contact form or emailing us on info@delkotools.com.au.


How do I become a Delko Tools distributor?
Use the contract form our email us using info@delkotools.com.au to discuss opportunities in your region.


What is the best consistency to mix the compound?
Mix the compound so that it is pourable, not too thick (this can rip the tape) and not too runny. Also, only fill the banjo to about 90% capacity (if it’s 100% it will create a suction).
How do I cut the tape?
Use a 4 inch taping knife. Use it flat on the flat joins. Use the point of the corner for internal joins.

We recommend the DELKO® BLADE for the job! Read more about the DELKO® BLADE here. Watch it in action in our clip below.

Watch our videos for more instructions and helpful tips.