The Delko® Hybrid taper has fused the compact size of the Delko Taper with the professional features found on the ZÜNDER®.

Quickly switch between taping flat joints and internals with the patented, double ended ZÜNDER® applicator with more control than ever before. Alternate your grip between the large, comfortable top handle and the adjustable canvas handle positioned on the right hand side of the body.

We listened to you, the trades people. Delko Hybrid is everything you love about our taping tools, in one, compact package.

Product Features

Delko Hybrid. Best of both worlds drywall taping.

  • Made from durable ABS.
  • Fast access to the inside of the tool via Delko's tough speed clips.
  • Compact mud bath design with a compound capacity of 2.25kgs.
  • Use joint tape rolls up to 150m (500 feet) in length - and not just paper, try Delko Hybrid with other tapes like FibaFuse or KURT.
  • Mud control dial allows you to make subtle or large changes to compound flow.
  • Experience maximum control. Switch between the adjustable canvas handle on the right hand side of the Hybrid, or the large, comfortable handle at the top.
  • Change between flat joints and internal corners with a flick of your wrist using the patented double ended Delko® Applicator Attachment.

Spare Parts & Accessories


Delko Hybrid (DT-HB1) – Usage Instructions

Patent & Design Information

Patent No. D0037876US, D0037875US
U.S. Patents 8,955,573 B2 & 10,533,326 B2
AU Design Registrations: 202115964 & 202115963
EU Design Registration: 004412765-0002

DELKO is a registered trademark of Delko Tools


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