The Delko Plastic Taping Tool and Internal Corner Attachment Package enables contractors to finish flat joints, internal corners and square set with one taping tool. The package includes the Delko Plastic Taping Tool and the Delko Internal Applicator Attachment.

Product Features

  • Simultaneously apply compound and drywall tape to flat joints and internal corners
  • Fast, easy and economical drywall taping
  • Get the patented Delko Internal Corner Attachment exclusively with the Delko Taper
  • Achieve a smooth, machined finish with the Delko Flat Applicator
  • Two durable, high quality mud control dials included in the package
  • Fast access to the inside with Delko’s tough speed clips
  • Adjustable hook and loop side strap
  • Reinforced main plastic comfort grip
  • Use joint tape rolls up to 150m
  • Impressive compound capacity of 2.25kgs


Spare Parts & Accessories


Delko Taper (DT-AH1) - Usage Instructions

Patent & Design Information

U.S. Patent No. 8,955,573
Canadian Patent No. 2792006
NZ Patent No. 600968
AU Patent No. 2011213482
Patent Pending – Europe

DELKO is a registered trademark of Delko Tools


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