The Zünder® has revolutionised taping.

Zünder® features the doubled ended Delko® applicator which allows for simultaneous application of compound and joint tape on flat joints, internals corners and square sets in minutes – eliminating messy and time consuming adjustments.

It has been meticulously designed by a professional for drywall professionals around the world.

Product Features

  • Manufactured from durable Polycarbonate ABS
  • Double ended Delko® Applicator Attachment
  • Two adjustable soft grip handle (on on either side of the tool)
  • Right or left hand use
  • Compound flow adjustment dial (which is always accessible)
  • Fast access for loading and cleaning with a single clip design
  • Holds rolls of joint tape up to 150m / 500 feet
  • Designed to be used with paper tape, FibaFuse paperless joint tape and KURT tape
  • Tool weight (empty): 1.3kgs*
  • High capacity: 2.2L / 2.5kg*

* all weights are approximate values only



Delko ZÜNDER® (DT-AHZ) - Usage Instructions

Patent & Design Information

Patent No. 181407, 34802964, 1357047, 79212960, 004412765
U.S. Patent No. 8,955,573, 10,533,326
Canadian Patent No. 2792006
NZ Patent No. 600968
AU Patent No. 2011213482

DELKO and Zünder are registered trademarks of Delko Tools


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