The Delko® Blade is a unique, 2 in 1 taping knife designed to follow the Delko® Taper, Delko® Zünder® and other taping tools.

It has been meticulously designed by a drywall professional with a 90º edge for cutting tape cleanly and easily. As well as a regular, rounded joint knife edge for wiping off excess compound.

Product Features

  • 100mm wide blade
  • 90º edge for cutting tape
  • Regular joint knife curve for wiping off excess compound
  • Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Comfortable, rubberised grip
  • "Ezy Peel" label


Patent & Design Information

Delko® Blade:
Patent No. D841321

DELKO and Zünder are registered trademarks of Delko Tools