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Best of both worlds taping with DELKO® HYBRID.

Delko Hybrid. Best of both worlds drywall taping.

Introducing the DELKO® HYBRID.

The HYBRID is an amalgamation of all the things you told us you love about the DELKO® Taper and DELKO® ZÜNDER® in one super sleek tool.

Delko Hybrid. Best of both worlds drywall taping.

Quickly switch between taping flat joints and internals with the patented, double ended ZÜNDER® applicator and experience more control than ever before with the dual grip configuration. Alternate your grip between the large, comfortable top handle and the adjustable canvas handle positioned on the right hand side of the HYBRID body.

DELKO® HYBRID has the same compound capacity of 2.25kgs you get with the original DELKO® Taper and accommodates up to 150m (500 feet) rolls of joint tape – that includes paper, FibaFuse, KURT tape and more.

Delko Hybrid. Best of both worlds drywall taping.

We developed DELKO® HYBRID based on your feedback. The compact size you loved about DELKO® Taper and functionality of ZÜNDER® fused together to embody best of both worlds taping.

DELKO® HYBRID will be available in December 2021, find out where you will be able to buy the HYBRID by heading to our ‘Where to Buy‘ page.

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