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Everything you need to get taping – in one box.

Delko Tools Pro Pack

There are so many ways to approach taping – it can be very overwhelming for people making the switch from hand setting to more mechanised taping. That’s why the people at Delko Tools developed the Delko® Pro Pack. The Delko® Pro Pack includes EVERYTHING you need to get taping in one box. Purchase the Delko Pro Pack and you’ll receive: 1 x DELKO® TURBO, 1 x DELKO® PUMP, 1 x ZÜNDER®, 1 x DELKO® HOLSTER & 1 x DELKO® BLADE.

Already own a ZÜNDER® and just want to pick up our other time saving tools – that’s easy! our new tools, DELKO® TURBO, DELKO® PUMP & DELKO® BLADE are also available separately.

Is the Delko Pro Pack on your “must have” list? Contact your local Delko Tools retailer for more information on purchasing.

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