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Everything you need to get taping – in one box.

Delko Tools Pro Pack

There are so many ways to approach taping – it can be very overwhelming for people making the switch from hand setting to more mechanised taping. That’s why the people at Delko Tools developed the Delko® Pro Pack. The Delko® Pro Pack includes EVERYTHING you need to get taping in one box. Purchase the Delko Pro Pack and you’ll receive: 1 x DELKO® TURBO, 1 x DELKO® PUMP, 1 x ZÜNDER®, 1 x DELKO® HOLSTER & 1 x DELKO® BLADE.

Already own a ZÜNDER® and just want to pick up our other time saving tools – that’s easy! our new tools, DELKO® TURBO, DELKO® PUMP & DELKO® BLADE are also available separately.

Is the Delko Pro Pack on your “must have” list? Contact your local Delko Tools retailer for more information on purchasing.

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NEW PRODUCT ALERT! The Delko Holster is here!

Put your ZUNDER on hands free with the new Delko Holster

Delko Tools HolsterIt started with a simple idea “how do we make the taping process even faster using the ZÜNDER BY DELKO TOOLS”.

The answer – find a way around having to put the tool down while wiping down joints, while still freeing up both hands – a particularly hand notion when working at heights with stilts or limited floor space on a scaffold or platform.

And so, the Delko Holster was born…

After two years of development and trials we’re please to announce the release of the Delko Holster – made to free up your hands while using the ZÜNDER.

How does it work? Initial designs were modelled off a police gun holster which focused on easy access, quick draw and fast reholstering without having to divert attention. The holster attaches around the users back and leg – meaning the cavity where the tool goes is ALWAYS in the right place. This allows you to holster ZÜNDER quickly and easily – without taking your attention away from the joint your working on.

Delko Tools HolsterThe specially made back strap provides additional back support and reduces user fatigue. Made from durable, heavy duty PVC, the holster is hard wearing and easy to clean when wet and dry.

Designed by a plasterer to speed up taping – specifically to suit the ZÜNDER BY DELKO TOOLS, The Delko Holster is available now – check with your local distributor for when the Holster will be available in your region.

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